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Many times it seems we underestimate the need for certain types of equipment when it comes to martial arts training, or we just forget that training involves more than just performing techniques.  If we want to be safe, we have to learn to fall, which involves, well, falling!  We also need to keep in mind that we’ve got to work on our overall fitness, so we need to do things like calisthenics – pushups, situps, and the like.  Many of us also include yoga as a part of our training to help with balance and flexibility.  All of these things use different types of mats to help make them safer and more bearable.  So here’s a bunch of different mats that I have used and really like for different reasons.


Soozier PU Leather Gymnastics Tumbling/Martial Arts Folding Mat, Black, 4 x 8′ x 2″

soozier matsThe first thing that sets this product apart is all of the color choices. My son recently started practicing martial arts. He wanted to get some stuff to practice with at home. So, being a good father, I tried to find what would be useful for him to use at home in his spare time. He’s always jumping around and scraping his legs and knees on everything. Then, I had an Aha! moment and looked at a few different folding mats. I didn’t realize how expensive these things could be! My son is younger so I didn’t want to get something that’s real expensive because he would just destroy it in a few months. Or, that’s what I thought. I purchased this mat about 4 months ago and it still looks brand new. I try to keep up with him when he uses it, following behind and cleaning it. If you have a child who is getting into martial arts, gymnastics, wrestling or just likes to do a bunch of exercises that involve the floor, this is the go-to mat! I highly recommend this product and will definitely purchase again.

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Z-Athletic Folding Panel Mats for Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Tumbling

z athletic matA little back story on my purchase: I threw my back out a few months ago; I guess I am getting old. I went to the doctor and he recommended that I start working on my core strength. I thought, core strength for my back? But apparently, that is a thing! I’m on a budget so I couldn’t afford very much. I wanted something that I could fold up and put in a closet and take out when watching TV at night in the living room.

When I decided to purchase, I landed on this one. I have no regrets. It’s been about 4 weeks since I received my package and I have used it almost every day since it arrived at my door. The color choices are solid. The thickness is perfect, although, I am a smaller man.  This one isn’t for the kids, and it is a little more expensive. I project this mat will last me a very long time. I take care of it though (I only use it for certain purposes), and you should too if you purchase it. The design is rather bland but it’s just a mat; it doesn’t need to look fancy or have some advanced performance capabilities. Great mat; I recommend it.

This is a really good, high-quality mat. Learn more here!


Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch by 24-Inch

everlast folding matOne of the most important things in a mat is how easy it is to clean. Any materials that are absorbent or permeable end up getting destroyed and thrown away within months of buying. I bought eight mats last year alone because they kept absorbing sweat and smelling bad within a few weeks of buying. Honestly, trying to find a decent workout mat has been a terror all in itself. Since then, I’ve been on the search to find the perfect mat. And I think I have final found it!

This mat is pretty standard in color variations, as in it has only two. This is fine; I need a functional mat not a stylish one. The mat is comfortable, it has the appropriate thickness to do whatever it is you’re doing on it. It feels good on bare skin if you have your shirt off or a crop top for the ladies. The most important part, though, is that the sweat does not permeate into the material, and I am so thankful for this! After I use the mat I just grab a cloth and some disinfectant spray, give it a quick wipe, and boom, it’s done!  These are really good for my workouts at home in the loft above our garage.  My kids use the ones up top, but I personally prefer these for my own use.

These are excellent, inexpensive mats for starting out. Get ’em at this link!


We Sell Mats – JUMBO Martial Arts Anti-fatigue Interlocking EVA Foam MMA Exercise Gym Flooring Tiles

we sell matsMy wife and I have a detached garage with a large loft upstairs, and it gets used as a workout area for the kids’ and my martial arts practice. We searched for flooring that would not only be aesthetically welcoming but will also be durable and functional (they’re great for when we throw each other off of our regular workout mats). I knew that I wanted a few color options. We went to a few flooring stores around our neighborhood and I was bored out of my mind with what they had to offer. I needed some flare, some flash!

After that flooring store pit stop, I did what everyone else does and took my search to Amazon. I wasn’t having any luck in the first few searches, but then I saw these beautiful workout tiles just staring me in the face! Our exercise area has been completed for about 7 weeks now and it looks amazing! The best part is that you can choose whatever color combinations you wish. You can create your room all one color or mix and match, which is exactly what we did. Our design pattern is unique to our style and I love it! The mats themselves are durable and strong. I can tell they are going to last a while. I look forward to many workouts to come.

These are perfect for kids’ play flooring, too. Totally a worthwhile buy – get them at Amazon!


ProSource Bi-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat 6’x2′ with Carrying Handles for MMA, Gymnastics Core Workouts

prosource folding matBeing the clean freak that I am, I refuse to lay on dirty gym floors or someone else’s dirty sweat to do my core workouts. Thus, I had to get my own mat. I’ve had a few mats in the past so I thought I knew what I wanted. I was totally blown away by the selection on Amazon – which made me do a little extra research; however, I believe that research paid off. I went with my gut and my gut said this was the mat I needed. The thickness is perfect. My back doesn’t feel like it’s laying on the floor, and it’s relatively comfortable.

My overall take is that this mat is relatively cheap. There are plenty of expensive ones out there but, if you don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money, this is an excellent alternative. I don’t think I would be any more satisfied if I bought a more expensive mat. This one is pretty awesome and it does exactly what I need it to do.  These are perfect for carrying from place to place, as opposed to the other mats that are more permanent up in the loft for regular training.

My recommendation is to stop looking; if you want a great cheap and portable mat, here it is. Go for it!


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  • Crystal

    Hello, I really enjoyed your website. You can tell that you know your stuff. Your martial arts equipment was very informative and I love how you went into detail with each one starting from the mats, to the weapons etc. I don’t think I seen a quick version of 1-2 sentences of an item but a better explanation of them etc. You need a great job and I know what site to go to when my kids start training etc. Nicely done. Thank you.


    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve D’Agostino

      I appreciate your kind words. I really do love the martial arts, and I’m always happy to help others to learn or improve. Sometimes it requires the use of different types of equipment, but I figure if I can help narrow down what I’ve found to be useful for a good value, then you can just get what you need and spend time focusing on practice rather than finding the right “stuff” to use. Thanks, Crystal!

  • http://susanmacneil.org Susan MacNeil

    What a great website! I am going to share this site with my sons. They are thinking of having their sons, my grandsons, join some form of martial arts.
    Your website gives so much information, I know they will be able to make an informed decision on which one of the martial arts will work for them.
    I like the fact that you are teaching and studying this form of self defence/exercise/mental awareness with your children. Hopefully my sons will do the same.
    Once they see all the equipment, tools and weapons, they will be interested for sure!!!!
    Do you recommend having both boys and girls take part in martial arts?

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      Without a doubt. I tried for years to get my daughter, Alaina, into martial arts back when my focus was kung fu (it’s been a few years), and she finally started ninjutsu with her brother, Lorenzo, and me about a month and a half ago. It’s her favorite extracurricular activity she’s ever tried. And knowing she’s going into high school next year (and then college), it helps us rest better knowing she can handle herself. Incidentally, the best and strongest martial artists I’ve ever known were female!