8 Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Reviews

Chinese weaponry is some of the most intricate and beautiful in the entire world. In terms of functionality, there are few options out there that are better for defending yourself or causing some serious damage. If you have ever been curious about what the best Chinese weapons online are, this review will help you. These 8 weapons listed below are great values for your money, and you will get an opportunity to see what makes each one unique and worth your consideration.

What things are you looking for in Chinese weapons?

While you might have any one of hundreds of considerations when you go to purchase weaponry, there are a few specific things that should be a constant in every purchase that you make. These would include being true to its authentic purpose, being made of quality and durable materials, and being fully functional (even if just for practice).

8 Best Chinese Weapons Reviews

Ace Martial Arts Supply Martial Art Kung Fu Wu Shu Hook Swords Set (2-Piece), Black

While there is no shortage of options when it comes to authentic Chinese weaponry, one of the types that is sure Chinese martial arts weaponto turn heads are hook swords, which are as beautifully crafted as they are effective

Features and benefits

  • High quality carbon steel—1045 carbon steel stays sharp and provides a durable construction that will stay untarnished for years to come
  • Hear every swing—Due to the inclusion of the bo-hi, you get an audible experience with every swing of this hook set
  • Handmade and expertly crafted—In an effort to preserve a traditional look and feel, these Wu Shu hook swords are handmade and designed to feel good in your hands.


  • Authentic and handmade
  • Audible feedback with your swings
  • High quality carbon steel construction


These handmade carbon steel hook swords are attractive and lethal. If you want a new piece for your collection, or you want to train with one of China’s most brutal weapons, make sure you check out these Ace Martial Arts Supply Kung Fu Wu Shu Hook Swords.


BladesUSA Js-106 Tai Chi Sword 38.5 Inch

Tai Chi might not be the most competitive of the martial arts, but there are some rather nice weapons that have been designed to be used through the respective exercises. Take this 38.5” sword for example; with its sturdy construction and ease of use, you can dramatically improve your grasp and success in the world of Tai Chi.

Features and benefits 

  • Spring steel—This blade is constructed of a strong and durable stainless steel, which means that no matter what elements it might be exposed to, it isn’t going to fade or dull over time
  • Sturdy handle—The metal guard comprises copper tones and the metal pommel has weight enough to balance out the entire sword in your hands
  • Carved scabbard—The inlaid dragon design on the pommel of the sword adds a look of authenticity, and speaks to the overall craftsmanship of this sword


  • Impressive length (38.5”)
  • Designed for Tai Chi
  • Constructed of strong steel components


There might be a lot of swords for the art of Tai Chi, but there are few that have the kind of impressive features you will find with this weapon. From the stainless steel blade and balanced feel to the inlaid artistry of the handle, this sword is one that should be a part of your collection.


ICNBYS Chinese Extendable Tai Chi Sword

Interested in a Tai Chi sword that can be condensed for easy portability but doesn’t skimp on its effectiveness or design features? If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, you don’t have to look any further than this product from ICNBYS. Their extendable sword is compact and convenient for taking on the go, and features excellent craftsmanship and materials for a superior look and feel.

Features and benefits 

  • Convenient for travel and storage—The sword retracts down to a size just slightly longer than the entire hilt of the sword, so it conveniently fits into any kind of travel bag (although one is included with this model)
  • Stainless steel components—When you want high-quality materials in a sword for practicing (or for actual use), the common metal is stainless steel these days. It won’t rust or fade over time
  • Free accessories—Not only are you getting a high-quality extendable sword, it also comes with its own travel bag and sword spike


  • Balanced for appropriate center of mass
  • Dulled edges for convenient and safe practicing
  • Portable and travel ready


Tai Chi is a martial art that is gaining in popularity all the time, and it focuses a lot on control. Find your rhythm and center with this expertly balanced and travel-ready extendable sword.


Tiger Claw Long Weapon – Kwan Dao Wushu Steel

Want an authentic weapon to master that will be a challenge? Consider the Tiger Claw Kwan Dao. This longer weapon is an authentic replica intended for practice purposes, and you can certainly appreciate its size and required skills to master. Forged with light steel, this impressive weapon is ready for your hands.

Features and benefits

  • Durable and strong—The entire weapon weighs in at around 12 lbs., but this is expertly balanced throughout the shaft and blade of the weapon
  • Light forge steel—Pulling from the authenticity of the original Kwan Dao weaponry, this practice/performance model is constructed of durable and bright light-forge steel
  • 21” blade—Want a weapon that is sure to turn people’s heads? Try this broad 21” blade mounted on a durable shaft


  • 12-lb. weight adds a balance to the entire weapon
  • Light-forge steel adds authenticity and effectiveness
  • Great historical weapon for any collection


If you want an authentic Chinese weapon that adds value and diversity to your collection (or your martial arts), be sure to check out this Tiger Claw Wushu Kwan Dao for yourself.


Metal Dragon Chinese Fighting Fan

This is a truly unique and impressive addition to any collection, or an added weapon that a martial arts enthusiast could master. Fighting fans require a lot of time and devotion to use correctly, and these fans from AWMA are sure to catch your attention and make you want to keep working to use them effectively.

Features and benefits 

  • Aerodynamic metal—Lightweight metal allows for easy maneuverability
  • Wide spread—Spanning nearly 28” when fully open, these fighting fans are large and expertly crafted for aerodynamics and functionality
  • Dragon print for added authenticity—One of the important features in fighting fan competitions and events is the beauty and craftsmanship of the fans themselves, and these do not fall short on either


  • Great for experienced fan fighters and those just learning
  • Metal construction holds up better than cheaper bamboo options
  • This will add diversity to your weapons skills overall


Fighting fans are very underrated in the world of Chinese weaponry, but they have their place, both in history and in the world right now. Make sure that your skill set not only includes fighting fans, but that your collection of authentic weaponry includes these fans as well.


BladesUSA E474-PP Martial Art Polypropylene Training Kung Fu Sword

Just because you are still training doesn’t mean that you don’t need a well-crafted weapon to learn with. With this product from BladesUSA, you have a great practice blade for your Kung Fu mastery, which adds authenticity in both look and functionality. This ensures that you are prepared for the real deal when you’ve gotten more comfortable with this training blade.

Features and benefits 

  • Long-lasting materials—Polypropylene is a common material that is used for high-end training weaponry like this. It has a density that can be reminiscent of steel without the safety hazards
  • Authentic in look and feel—With a length of 38”, this training blade is authentic in both its balance, length and look
  • Affordable—When you delve into the world of Chinese weapons, you will find that it can be quite costly. It is nice when a training tool like this is available at such a reasonable cost


  • Polypropylene composition keeps you safe while being durable and sturdy
  • Authentic in look and feel
  • Reasonable price


There are plenty of training swords out there, but this Kung Fu blade can be a great tool to use to add some experience to your growing skill set. If you are looking for a quality practice weapon, you can’t beat the design and price of this BladesUSA product.


China Kung Fu – Meridian Axe Pair (Deer Horn Knives)

These knives are an often-overlooked weapon from China’s history, but this pair reminds you of the elegance (and brutality) of their role throughout the various empires and dynasties. Mastering Kung Fu’s weaponry means being an expert with each of its deadly instruments. If you don’t have a quality set of deer horn knives for your collection, check these out.

Features and benefits 

  • Stainless steel construction—Will never rust, stain or dull. The stainless steel blades are an excellent complement to this classic weapon
  • Authentic wooden handles—True to many of the former constructions of these weapons, wooden handles are smooth and easy to hold, but add a touch of class to the entire weapon
  • 11” blades—Long blades cross to form the distinct and unforgettable shape of this weapon


  • An ideal addition to any weapons collection
  • Great for performances and practice
  • Wooden accents add a professional look and feel to the knife


Deer horn knives aren’t always the first thing people think of when they think of Kung Fu weaponry, but this authentic weapon from China’s long history is an important addition to your weaponry skill set and your collection.


Tiger Claw 9 Ring Broadsword Wushu Steel

If you are looking for a true Wushu steel sword that is sure to turn some heads, this 9-ring broadsword is going to do just that. Made to true specifications common to these popular Chinese weapons, this Tiger Claw replica is exactly like holding the authentic weapon in your hands every time you pick it up.

Features and benefits 

  • Soft steel—Built to look and feel like the traditional weapon, this broadsword’s blade is built from soft and pliable steel
  • Refined single edge design—Showcasing the 9 rings on the backside of the blade, the opposite end has a refined and precisely tuned edge
  • Crafted in China—If you want a product that is designed to look and feel like traditional Chinese weaponry, why not choose a product that is manufactured in that country?


  • Made in China
  • Traditional soft steel that can actually bend
  • Special scabbard design only on this model


This 9-ring broadsword is something that anyone might want to hold in their hands and practice some swings with, regardless of a genuine interest in martial arts. This is an expertly crafted and true representation of this traditional sword, and would make a great weapon to add to your weapons collection or combat skill set.


While there are too many to list in this post, if you’re interested in the types of weapons the ninja and samurai use, check out my post on Japanese martial arts weapons.

Chinese Martial Arts Weapons

Chinese Martial Arts Weapons



Durable and long-lasting


Properly weighted and balanced


Safe to use for practice



  • High quality and durable
  • Very effective for practice
  • Well weighted and balanced
  • Comfortable materials to use
  • Even practice weapons are realistic


  • Some are sharp and dangerous
  • Some can be hard to learn to use


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  • http://everydayfilm.net Reinis

    Man, some of these sure look cool. I’m just wondering about the practicality of each weapon for practice purposes. Each weapon is meant for a different martial arts style, no? What are the corresponding classes one should take? Apart from the obvious Tai Chi.

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      Yeah, pretty cool stuff. I love Chinese weapons! Most of these could be learned through studying Shaolin or Wushu kung fu. Even tai chi is taught at most kung fu schools. As far as practicality is concerned, any weapon can be practical if practiced enough. The neat thing about learning weapons is that after you learn a few, new ones are pretty easy to figure out, even without formal training. You just have to be creative when applying techniques to what you already know.

  • http://guitarfromscratch.com Matt

    Fantastic set of reviews! I’m not a martial artists, but I am a fan of martial arts movies, and although some of these look familiar, I had never heard of some of the others–the hook swords in particular. I learned something new today. Thanks!

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      I’m glad you liked the list, Matt. Yeah, those hook swords are pretty cool, and there are all kinds of ways to use them, whether individually or as a pair. You can even hook them together and swing them for some really interesting and effective techniques!

  • Israel

    Hey Steve!

    These weapons look awesome!

    I guess the most common and known out there are the classic longswords and ninja stars, but I usually try to notice which specific type of weapon they’re using on martial arts movies.

    How much time does it take to master one of these? Do you need to reach a certain level to use them?

    Thanks for the info, man! They’re cool! 😉

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      You know, one of the cool things about learning weapons is that each one gets easier to learn than the one before.  Once you learn one, you kind of learn how to learn, which makes it easier as you go along.  

      My advice is to start early.  In my ninjutsu school, we learn sword techniques from day one and then learn new weapons with every rank, so you can start right away and get used to it.  

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.  Thanks for your comment!

  • http://worldofwaterfilter.com Jay Ong

    I’m feeling embarrassed. As a chinese descent, I don’t even know some of these martial arts weapons exists. It is quite interesting to find out the types of weapon been used in different martial arts in China. Even fan can be used as a weapon. That’s totally eye opening. Thanks for your post.

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      Haha, no need to be embarrassed! I’ve been practicing martial arts for 24 years and am still learning about new weapons, techniques, and even martial art styles I never knew existed! It’s a lifelong journey, and it’s great that we can continue to learn new things every day – even in the things we know well. Thank you for your comment!

  • http://treatyourkidneydisease.siterubix.com/kidney-disease-treatment-natural-way rakesh Khngjrakpam

    Oh HO !!! at my teenage age the martial art used to be my passion, I liked the style the way they fight in movie and learned kick boxing in the age 17. but as grow up the age I was destructed but today I am feeling the missing of that excitement, specially the variety of the weapons making me crazy.

  • Rakesh

    Oh HO !!! at my teenage age the martial art used to be my passion, I liked the style the way they fight in movie and learned kick boxing in the age 17. but as grow up the age I was destructed but today I am feeling the missing of that excitement, specially the variety of the weapons making me crazy.

    • kungfuninja

      I fell out of it for a number of years due to injuries, as well. It has only been since I started studying again that I found that happiness I had in my teens and twenties and was practicing all the time. I say get back into it if you can, even if it’s tai chi. Rekindle that love for the martial arts! 🙂