3 Excellent Wing Chun Dummies!

wing chun dummy

Wing Chun dummies are traditionally known as Muk Yan Jong, which in Cantonese literally translates to wooden man post. This is a wooden dummy used in various types of Chinese martial arts training, mainly in Wing Chun, as well as various other types of Kung Fu in Southern China. It is said that originally the Wing Chun dummy was created by combining the slight variations of 108 different Shaolin training dummies. The modern Wing Chun dummy that is on a freestanding stand, as opposed to being wall mounted, was actually created by the legend himself, Ip Man. We wanted to give you a little background info on these dummies, but of course our main purpose is to take a look at some of the best ones out there. So you can choose the right one for you, let’s take a look at the 3 best Wing Chun dummies on the market today.


Wing Chun Dummy With Modern Free Stand

This modern Wing Chun dummy is a great choice to go with for a variety of reasons. You might like the fact that it does not need to be mounted to a wall, making it quite a bit more versatile than a variety of other options out there. There are actually six different Wing Chun dummies that you can go with, all of which differ in color. There is a black, Jacobean, Mahogany, Sedona Red, Golden Pecan, and a Natural Brown dummies that you can choose from. All of these Wing Chun dummy options are interchangeable and will work with all of the stands.

You might also like this Wing Chun dummy thanks to the fact that it has a very solid build, is water resistant, and is a quality item in general. Since these dummies take quite a bit of abuse, this one comes with a lifetime warranty on the trunk in case it splits or cracks.

This particular Wing Chun dummy comes with four separate ¾ inch octagon spacer plates to allow for a 3 inch height adjustment. The dummy itself is fairly standard and comes in at 60 inches tall. This dummy can easily accommodate users as little as 5 foot 8 and has zero plates up to 5 foot eleven with 4 plates. What is really neat about this Wing Chun dummy is that you can choose from two different arm styles to suit your exact needs.


AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

This is a traditional wooden Wing Chun dummy as used by the world renowned Ip Man. This one is exactly like the ones used by Ip Man, thus providing you with a sense of old school martial arts training. We really like the fact that this one is made out of real and genuine wood, not some kind of low grade substitute. This makes the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy feel like the real deal, plus it makes it extremely tough too. Just in case the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy is not tough enough for you and it breaks down from your striking, it does come with a lifetime warranty on the trunk.

The AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy is 47 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. It may not be that tall, but it does come with the traditional frame stand. The frame is 63 inches high and 55 inches wide. This particular frame lets you adjust the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy to three different heights to suit your particular size. In terms of adjustments, the arms on the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy can be adjusted to be staggered or almost level in position. The arms are 22 inches long for increased training ability.

Another beneficial part about the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy is that it comes with two complementary striking pads to keep your hands from getting too banged up. What is pretty interesting about the AUGUSTAPRO Wing Chun Dummy is that you can choose to get it with the frame, with a suction cup base, a tripod base, or a solid wood base too, plus you can choose from a few different colors as well.


Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy

The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy is another great option to go with. This thing is just as tough as any other dummy out there, but is considered quite a bit more affordable. The body of this particular dummy may not be made of wood, but it is still very tough thanks to the iron tubing it is made of. There is no way that you will ever be able to wear down the iron tube body of this particular Wing Chun Dummy with your hands.

On the other hand, the arms and leg on the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy are made of solid wood for that real striking feel. The top 2 arms can actually be adjusted so that they are level or offset as well. You can also adjust the arms to be further or closer apart. What you will really like about the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy is that the arms and leg, if they ever break, you can ask for free replacements without issue.

Another thing that you might really like about the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy is that it comes with a modern suction cup stand. The base is quite heavy so it won’t move around or tip over. You don’t have to mount the base to any wall, which is definitely quite convenient. The twelve suction cups make sure that the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy stays perfectly in place wherever you put it down. Finally, the fact that this particular dummy comes with 3 high quality striking pads will help to keep your hands and feet in good condition even after hours of practice.



Wing Chun dummies are some of the best Kung Fu training tools out there. They help build speed, agility, coordination, and bone strength too. If you need a great Wing Chun training dummy, we would definitely recommend taking a closer look at one of the three above options.


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  • Drake Edwards

    Wow so cool, I always wanted a Wing Chun Dummy but I never knew what it was called and where to get one. IP man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan,, all of which inspired me to one day own one. It is indeed on my bucket list of things to train on. (Sigh)…some day..I’m definitely thinking about the “The Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Dummy” though =)

    • kungfuninja

      Yeah, it’s a pretty cool dummy. Heh, yeah, these are for practicing the up close, tight techniques that Wing Chun is known for, and they’re a TON of fun once you know a little. You should definitely train on one if you get the chance!

  • kungfuninja

    That’s great! Thanks for stopping by to check us out. 🙂

    Okay, well I’ll be honest here. This thing comes with a selection of bases, and I haven’t used the suction cup version. You can also get the full wall mount, which is probably best if you’re powerful. My guess is if you’ve been practicing for a long time, that would be the case. That said, I’ve seen several others online, too, so I think the whole suction cup thing is catching on. Seems to me like it just wouldn’t have the sticking strength to hold, but maybe it really works!

  • http://tigress.blog mightytigress

    I have a pretty nice one. I say it’s my boyfriend. Let me know when you post taichi or any kung fu posts. I can repost them on my blog. Oh anything related to female fighters too.

    • http://tigress.blog mightytigress

      Btw: on dummies, training on a wall mounted one, if you have the space, allows for a totally new level of feedback